Gegham Stepanyan, HRD of the Republic of Artsakh, published a post on his Facebook page, from which we present excerpts: “On this International Children’s Day, it is imperative to speak out again about the challenges and deprivations faced by 30,000 children in Artsakh today, following the 6-month blockade by the Baku authorities. According to the Convention on the Rights of the Child, all children in the world have fundamental and inalienable rights, but for approximately six months, the children of Artsakh continue to be deprived of their basic and fundamental rights and freedoms, such as education, health care, development, family reunification, psychological and mental integrity, an adequate standard of living and access to basic necessities.

Due to the blocking of the Berdzor road by the Baku authorities, some 550 children have been deprived of the right to return home and be reunited with their families. In all, more than 1,820 children were unable to see one or both parents because of the blockade, causing severe psychological distress among the children.

In the absence of sufficient and timely food supplies in Artsakh, children, including infants, face a serious threat of malnutrition, lack of vitamins and minerals and resulting health problems.

Children’s rights are human rights and should be universal, regardless of a child’s origin or ethnicity. The children of Artsakh should enjoy the same rights and opportunities as all the children of the world. However, in the 21st century, as the civilized world pursues sustainable development goals, the children of Artsakh are still fighting for the protection of their fundamental rights and the provision of opportunities.

Under conditions of existential threats against the children of Artsakh, we once again call on the international community, represented by UNICEF, to take action to effectively protect the rights of our children and prevent threats from the authoritarian and hateful regime of Armenia. authorities in Baku every day.