I have just learned about the sad consequences of the war unleashed between Armenia and the Turks of Turkey, their Azerbaijani brothers and the “interested” collaboration of the Pretty Girl. Approximately six thousand Armenian soldiers were killed. To me, it was not just a war; it was a political catastrophe, a grave failure of our intelligence and an overconfidence of those in power.We, the Armenians of the diaspora, “the Westerners”, are not oblivious to what is happening in Our Land; We are not just here to help it financially and decorate it as a sanctuary; We suffer with it and we get bad seeing it stumble into misunderstandings and instability. It seems to me that the masters of Armenia, accept us as brothers from the mouth out; for fear of being displaced. I am sure that if they had come to us before making that tragic determination; if they had consulted us about the fate of Artsakh, warned about the danger posed by Azerbaijan’s treacherous attempt to seize her, perhaps, and I say perhaps, we would have found the solution and the six thousand dead hopes and their relatives, would not be lamenting as in that moment so difficult for them as for us.

Perhaps we lack convincing and mentalizing that our union under a single hope would lead us to our final goal. We operate as a parallel Armenia in exile and we have millions of brothers scattered throughout the world and so many other sympathizers. We are about to convince the evolved nations to contemplate our demands and claims. Once our goal has been reached, it would be time to engage in conversation with the masters of “free and independent” Armenia to polish our mistakes and rough edges and embrace each other. Then we will have won the battle of the resurrection.

We are Armenians, talented, awake people; but, wasted, for not being able to guess where our truth lies. For some time now, Armenia and the diaspora have been shipwrecked among shuffled truths without being able to hit the one that would grant us the peace of perpetuity.

Turkey is favored by our economic and social divorce between the two Armenians, thereby gaining time, enjoying our inheritances within its reach.

Have clear ideas; Recovering the lost sheep, gaining supporters among progressive nations, and consolidating a goal in which the waters intertwine would put us back on our feet. Otherwise we would not reach Rome and we will continue sailing as before in the vacuum of a tightrope.

Armenia is not alone. Embraced by the diaspora and assimilated, it will never again fall into a Turkish ambush.


Raymond Rupen Berberian