The village of Kakhnut in Syunik region became a border village after the last war. About 40 people live here.

The school and kindergarten of the frontier village have been closed for more than three decades.

“In the 90s, after the beginning of the movement, the shelling started, the school was closed,” says Riko Ohanyan, a resident of the village.

Grisha Tamrazyan, fellow villager, enumerating the problems, adds, “The villagers from the borderline villages were left alone. “People are afraid to take their goods to the fields, the Turks can come and take them away. Everything is very complicated.

After Azerbaijanis installed a checkpoint on the Goris-Kapan highway, the government promised to build a bypass road for Vorotan, Shurnukh and Bardzravan villages.

Three years have passed, but the villages are still connected to Goris through an unpaved road.

The International Committee of the Red Cross in the border villages has implemented a number of programs: provided raspberry seedlings, beehives, agricultural equipment.

“At the moment, with the help of the Red Cross, fields that had been closed for 15 to 20 years have been opened…and 

distributed to the villagers, the sowing of grain has been carried out. By next year it will be clear within the framework of our monitoring whether it is profitable or not,” said Sasoun Sargsyan, Uzhanis Village Head.

Uzhanis Village Head said over 30 hectares of land in the village is under the aim of Azerbaijani troops and the villagers cannot work there.

The government of Western Armenia, which is responsible for the right to life of its people, as the successor of the Poghos Nubar state of Armenia, which includes Western, Eastern Armenia, Artsakh, Nakhijevan and Javakhk, is outraged for the third time over the trampling of rights of its citizens living in the border regions.

We welcome the assistance of the International Committee of the Red Cross to the villagers, but the silence of other international structures is unacceptable.

The government of Western Armenia as a mediator will come to international instances for the first time