Armenian carpet holds a special place in Armenian culture to this day.

Despite constant technological innovations, the Armenian carpet continues to be an integral part of everyday life and cultural heritage.

In spite of scientific and technological progress, Armenian carpets have not lost their value. 

The tradition of Armenian carpet weaving is preserved up to nowadays, presenting the unique culture of Armenian carpets to the world.

Megheyan Carpet” company functioning since 2000 has a century-old history and is engaged in the production of Armenian carpets, restoration, preservation of ancient carpets and also in exhibitions.

Faithful to the methods of creating unique carpets, “Meheryan Carpet” company continues to use wool and dyes of the region and traditional methods of carpeting.

The traditions of Armenian handmade carpets are also preserved in Artsakh.

The company “Karabakh Carpet” was founded in 2013. 

The company mainly produced traditional Armenian carpets, in particular, typical Artsakh carpets.

The company also produces eco-carpets made of natural undyed wool threads, preserving the traditional methods of carpet making.

Eco carpets can become Artsakh’s new calling card.

Exceptional samples of Armenian hand-made carpets can be seen in the Museum of History of Armenia, in the National Museum of Ethnography and History of Liberation Struggle, in the 

Center of Folk Art named after Hovhannes Sharambeyan, Dzitokhtsian House-Museum, National Center of Armenian Carpet