The statesman, political figure, acting at the intersection of two social orders, showed a special devotion and concern for the fate of his people.

At 42 years old, was elected first secretary of the Communist Party of Armenia, ruled the country from 1974 to 1988.

Graduate of the Polytechnic Institute, he began his career from the master of the Yerevan electrotechnical plant to the director, the secretary of the Yerevan City Committee, Dalian of the CPA Central Committee, had his own concept of the future of the country.

He imagined Armenia as a country with a less power- and resource-intensive developed industry, intensive agriculture and environmentally safe, as Switzerland was.

Being a supporter of the policy of global transformation of the country.

Demirchyan consistently insisted on the need to develop a special concept of reconstruction, which could cover the entire scope of socio-economic problems, regional problems, ways and methods of solving them.

The lack of such approaches in the CPSU Central Committee ungrounded criticism of the perestroika process in our republic and the fundamental disagreement with the center on the issue of interethnic relations (his position was clearly formulated in 1988. in the resolution of the CPA Central Committee Plenum of February 28, 1988) were the main reasons for his resignation in May 1988.

1991 until 1999. Demirchyan became the head of one of the largest enterprises of the Republic – “Armyelektromashina” CJSC.

The difficult situation in the country resulted in Karen Demirchyan’s return to active political activity.

In 1998, he was nominated as a presidential candidate.

In May 1999, Karen Demirchyan was elected Chairman of the National Assembly.

He was able to give a coordinated character to the development of the Republic: priority tasks of the development, key ways of structural policy, guidelines, indicating the great perspective of a reasonable and purposeful implementation of the main potential – the human factor, were specified.

In a short period of time, Karen Demirchyan was able to unite almost all the leading political forces of the Republic, Armenians all over the world around him and began to implement programs to restore the country.

On October 27, 1999, Karen Demirchyan, Vazgen Sargsyan, five deputies of the National Assembly and a minister fell victims of an unprecedented political terrorism. unprecedented political terrorism