Due to the construction of a new reservoir, the village of Szegedik in the Hozat province of Dersim is facing the risk of flooding. The project, which was initiated approximately 11 years ago, is now underway. It is important to note that the village of Szegedik is home to an ancient Armenian chapel and rock-cut tombs. The inhabitants of Szegedik, who mainly practice beekeeping and sheep farming, are in a desperate situation. “There’s a history here, our lives have passed here.”

The village chief mentions that legal actions were taken on behalf of the village, but their claim was rejected, leading to the commencement of the planned project. 

 According to the village chief, the construction will result in the destruction of approximately 200 hectares of arable land.  “As well as the material benefit, the village also has memories in the spiritual sense: there’s an Armenian chapel here, and relatives and friends of the inhabitants are buried in the village cemetery. This village was emptied during the pogroms of 1938, in the 90s they tried again to evacuate people, but despite that, life went on. Even now, they are trying to devastate us in this way”, he declared.