On June 3, the presentation of the Russian translation of the book “Hamshen in Armenian Manuscripts,” published in 2019 by Lusine Sahakyan, an associate professor at the YSU Department of Turkic Studies and head of the Department of Armenian-Ottoman Relations at the Institute of Armenian Studies of YSU, will take place in the city of Sochi.

The author analyzes manuscripts rewritten by Hamshen scribes in the Hamshen province and other religious centers during the XIII-XVII centuries.

The unique facts and evidence found in these sources provide an opportunity to gain insights into the political, spiritual, and cultural life of the province during the XIII-XVII centuries, as well as the occupation of the population, language status, and folk beliefs.

Additionally, the Russian translation of the book includes the first publication of a map showing the settlements of Hamshen in the 15th-17th centuries.

The study was conducted within the framework of the themes of the Institute of Armenian Studies of YSU and the Committee of Science of the Republic of Armenia.