On one of the towers of the citadel of Dashtadem fortress near the city of Talin, an Arabic inscription can be seen. As mentioned in the text, it was left by one of the last Seljuk amirs of the city of Ani, Shaddad Sultan ibn Mahmud ibn Shavur, in September 1174. The inscription by the amir informs about the construction of fortifications, specifically referring to some reconstructions and additional fortification works on the fortress.

The main reason for these works was that in 1174, Armenian-Georgian troops captured Ani and took Shaddad Sultan, the Amir of Ani, as a captive. Sultan, the son of Shakhnshah, sought refuge in Dashtadem and consolidated the fortress. In 1176, Ani was returned to Shaddad Sultan, and he moved back to Ani until the final liberation of the city by Armenian-Georgian troops led by the Zakarian family.

After the liberation of the Dashtadem fortress, extensive construction works were carried out by the Zakarian princes.