“Artsakh residents calmly cross the Azerbaijani checkpoint on the Hakari bridge”. Baku media broadcast images with this title, in which there are also women and children in the passport control.

By the way, this is already the second video. There’s a difference: first there were Azerbaijani men at the checkpoint, now there are women.

“And this so-called checkpoint is unacceptable for the people of Artsakh and it’s not the opinion of one person, not the opinion of two people, it’s the opinion of our people in general,” Artsakh human rights defender Gegham Stepanyan told “Radio Azatutyun”.

The Artsakh ombudsman stresses that the Baku government wants to appear polite and show that this is exactly what integration is. “This is a complete and false lie, and personally, at various meetings and discussions, I always point out that, even the fact that people are traveling accompanied by peacekeepers and Red Cross, already speaks of the fact that the right to free movement is being impeded,” Stepanyan said.

The images also show the car of Russian peacekeepers transporting the people of Artsakh. Two days ago, they resumed transporting people who urgently need to come to Armenia or return to Artsakh. 28 people were brought to Armenia, 27 were sent back to Artsakh. We think the filming was done at that time.

At present, there are 132 Artsakh residents in Goris hotels, who are listed and awaiting their turn.