In some parts of the Syunik region , the Azerbaijani side has retreated. The governor of the Syunik region, Robert Ghukasyan, said as much in a briefing to the National Assembly, but he was unable to give clear information on specific locations.

According to the governor, at the moment demarcation work has not yet begun, so he cannot give any detailed information about the work underway in this direction. Referring to the question about the nature of the engineering works on the Armenian and Azerbaijani sides in the border zone, Ghukasyan noted that these are defensive engineering works and there can be no question of drawing a border with them.

Residents of border settlements often express the need to arm themselves for self-defense, however, according to Ghukasyan, there is no need to arm a villager. Robert Ghukasyan also said that at the moment, around 50 families from the Tegh community of Syunik are struggling to reach their arable land. According to him, this is hampered by two circumstances: the first is the advance of the Azerbaijanis, and the second is the deployment of the Armenian army. According to him, residents who do not have access to their areas will receive aid for this year’s unrealized income.