Papouree (Papuri, Pamphorig, Pomporee, Pompoureeg) is a dance with regional variations, danced throughout Van, the plain of Moush, Bitlis, Sasoun, and much of the Armenian Highlands. There are multiple versions of the pronunciation and thus the spelling of the name of this dance. According to Tom Pozigian, its name with “m” may come from the spoken emphasis while stamping in the dance, “Pamp, Pamp, Pamporee”.This version of Papouree is a traditional men’s dance from the village of Khorkom (present-day Dilkaya). The dance was originally introduced to the Armenian Folk Dance Society of New York in 1939 by Arshag Mouradian, uncle of the famous painter Arshile Gorky (Adoian).  It continues to be danced in mixed lines in Armenian diaspora communities throughout the US and has been added to the repertoire of dance groups in the Republic of Armenia.