Hero of Artsakh Armenak Urfanyan was born on January 28, 1990 in Yerevan.In 1992 , Armenak Urfanian moved to Russia with his family.

After returning from Russia, Armenak Urfanyan entered the Military Institute of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Armenia.After completing his training, he attained the rank of “lieutenant.”

At the age of 26, he received the military rank of captain and was appointed a company commander on the front line.

Since the first days of the four-day war, which began in April 2016, he has been on the front line of Artsakh.Urfanyan, together with the personnel of the 4th rifle company operating under his command, led a long battle against the enemy who made a surprise attack:

Having sent the crew back, Captain Urfanyan continued the battle alone, hitting one tank and about a dozen enemy soldiers during this time.In order to avoid capture by the enemy, he sacrificed himself by detonating a grenade, inflicting significant casualties on the enemy in the process.