If the blockade continues, serious energy problems can be expected in Artsakh in autumn and winter. This was stated by Gegham Stepanyan, the human rights defender of the republic, speaking about the energy crisis in Artsakh and the emptying of the Sarsang reservoir on the air of Alpha News.

“The international community is aware of this. The day before, both I and other officials from Artsakh had a meeting with a high-ranking foreign official to whom we presented the problem of the Sarsang reservoir.

The meeting was of a consultative nature, I cannot provide any details but all existing and expected threats were presented, including at our yesterday’s meeting,” Stepanyan said.

Talking about the international community’s silence on the environmental disaster, Artsakh Ombudsman said that six months of blockade showed that the agenda of the protection of human rights and freedoms declared in international relations yields to the agenda of economic, political interests of states and is not considered a priority in any way.

Let’s remind, as a result of the blockade of Artsakh by Azerbaijan since December 12, 2022, the energy crisis began in the Republic, to mitigate which the HPS built on the Sarsang reservoir began to work in an unprecedented mode, as a result of which the reservoir is almost dehydrated today.