The organization “Francophonie en Artsakh” has adopted a declaration of support for the Republic of Artsakh. According to “Artsakhpress”, the announcement states that the Union has supported the Republic of Artsakh since September 2, 1991, in the uncertain context of current threatening pressures on the Republic of Armenia.

The Union “Francophonie in Artsakh” urges France to assume its responsibilities by supporting direct negotiations between the governments of Stepanakert and Baku, rather than passively supporting the process of ethnic cleansing. The Union officially calls on Paris to impose unilateral sanctions against the Baku government for the criminal blockade it has been carrying out for nearly six months, which the International Court of Justice demands be ended immediately and unconditionally, and to use its logistical and operational resources to lift the blockade of Artsakh in accordance with the principle of responsibility to protect adopted by the UN General Assembly.

The organization “Francophonie in  Artsakh” notes that since the establishment of the blockade of Artsakh, the latter has been unable to implement its plans to support the cultural and socio-economic development of Artsakh”, says the press release.