On June 29, the Armenian Apostolic Church celebrates the memorial day of the holy translators Sahak and Mesrop.

St. Patriarch Sahak Parthev was the son of Nerses the Great Catholicos, trained and skilled in the musical, rhetorical, semantic and linguistic arts, Sahak Partev contributed greatly to the development of Armenian national culture, supported the creation of Armenian writings and became the founder of Armenian education and ecclesiastical bibliography with Reverend Mesrop Machtots.

S. Mesrop Mashtots was born in 360, and learned Greek and Persian as a child. At first, he served in court as a clerk. However, after leaving worldly life behind, he became a member of the clergy, living in strict asceticism. 

During his training, S. Mesrop felt the importance of Armenian letters and an Armenian Bible. He traveled to Edesia and Tigranakert with his disciples, conceived Armenian letters with divine power and finally formed them with a Greek correspondent named Hropanos in Samosat.

After the invention of the letters S. Sahak and S. Mesrop began translating the Bible, and did so so perfectly that the Armenian translation of the Bible was called the “Queen of Bible translations” centuries later.