Most of the land in the Varnkatagh community of Martakert district cannot be cultivated as it is under observation by Azerbaijani positions. The head of the community, Hrant Bakhshiyan, said this in a conversation with “Artsakhpress” correspondent, pointing out that the villagers do not consider these areas safe. “For security reasons, land users cannot cultivate these areas.”

“We received potato seeds and a number of crops from the Village and Agriculture Foundation of the Republic of Artsakh and the Red Cross. We have one resident who has managed to sow so many potatoes that he sells part of the harvest in neighboring localities, but due to the lack of transport fuel, he is unable to deliver it to Stepanakert”, H. Bakhshiyan.

According to the “Artsakhpress” interlocutor, in the post-war period, a small number of Varnkatagh inhabitants engaged in livestock farming, meeting the demand of their families and, to a certain extent, of the village as well. According to Hrant Bakhshiyan, the results of the haymaking that has begun inspire hope that there will be no shortage of fodder in winter.