The offices of the President of the European Parliament, Roberta Mezzola, and the European Union’s High Commissioner for External Relations, Josep Borrell, have condemned and described as unacceptable the behavior of Azerbaijan’s Ambassador to the EU, Vagif Sadikov, who threatened members of the European Parliament, who visited Armenia and discovered the border with Azerbaijan. Vagif Sadikov was summoned to the European External Relations Service for the threatening message sent on Twitter to the EC Members of Parliament.

Sadikov made a post on Twitter about the visit of the European Parliament delegation to Armenia, threatening the MEPs. The topic was covered by the OC Media news platform, citing reactions to Sadikov’s message from EU spokeswoman and head of the delegation visiting Armenia, Council of Europe member Natalie Loiseau. The EU spokesperson stressed that they condemn such behavior, which is not appropriate for an ambassador accredited to the EU. The Azerbaijani ambassador’s threatening message was also addressed by Euobserver, which spoke to Natalie Loiseau. 

Nathalie Loiseau said she had sent letters to the President of the European Parliament and European High Commissioner for Foreign Affairs, Josep Borrell, regarding Sadikov’s post.

Josep Borel’s office noted that the European External Relations Service had called the Azerbaijani ambassador about the post and made it clear that they expected this to be the last time Azerbaijani diplomacy showed such disrespect for the EU institutions and their representatives. 

Natalie Loizeau added that the threatening and insulting note from Azerbaijan’s ambassador to the EU was not the only one addressed to the Council of Europe deputies who had visited Armenia, pointing out that other Azerbaijani officials had also described them as corrupt. Natalie Loiseau pointed out that the Azerbaijani president also uses such rhetoric.