The complete blockade has significantly changed the life of Kolatak community of the Martakert region of the Artsakh Republic, transferring the problems to a completely different plane.

In a conversation with the correspondent of “Artsakhpress” the head of the community Seyran Avanesyan noted that before the imposed harsh conditions there was a certain activity in the village.

Pilgrims from different settlements of Artsakh visited the historical monastery of Hakopavank, located in the administrative district of Kolatak.

” Recently, due to the fuel problem, this activity has also disappeared.

We somehow overcame the winter period with last year’s harvest and available supplies.

To a certain extent, the problems with food products are solved with the help of coupons.

Today the problem with fuel has increased.

We managed to fulfill spring sowing works with the state support. Seeds and fuel were delivered in time.

In this difficult period, it is good to see that the residents of our village support each other, lend a helping hand when it is felt necessary.

Resettlers settled in Kolatak are in the center of attention” – summarized the interlocutor.