The Tatoyan Foundation for Law and Justice, in partnership with the law firm of Kerkonian Dajan, has filed a class action lawsuit in Washington against Mohammad Reza Waziri, CEO of Anglo-Asian Mining Company, over Azerbaijan’s ongoing blockade of Artsakh.

The complaint alleges that defendant Waziri aided and abetted the violation of the Protection of Victims of Torture Act and aided and abetted the false imprisonment of Artsakh Armenians in order to access and secure Artsakh’s precious metals mining operation.

The case is called Lalabekyan v. Vaziri and concerns around 120,000 people who were subjected to continuous suffering for 7 months under physical isolation and blockade by Azerbaijan.

Attorneys: Arman Tatoyan, Garnik Kerkonian, Elizabeth Al-Dajani, Ani Nazaryan, Laura Seferyan, Karo Ghazarian. You can find out more about the progress of the case at this link: 

Tatoyan” Center for Law and Justice Foundation