The European Parliament has published a resolution adopted on July 13 on proposals to reform the conditions of transparency, accountability and fight against corruption, which applies to Baku as well.

As “Armenpress” reports, the paragraphs of the resolution, among the violations committed by other countries and organizations, also note that Baku has carried out widespread influence and actions that give rise to reasonable suspicion of corruption against PACE deputies.

It is also noted that Baku prevented an investigation into the elections and concealed human rights violations. 

The Government of Western Armenia reminds that immediately after the 44-day war in 2020, our government condemned and condemns Baku’s genocidal, occupation policy towards Artsakh, a part of Western Armenia, and the people living there.

Humanity knows that the authorities of Baku are an illegal structure created on the territory of other nations, which to this day continue the policy of forced assimilation.

In the official data published by Baku, there are no Lasers, Talysh, Tat, Kurds and Yezidis.

Since the beginning of its formation, from 1918-19, Baku has been exterminating the indigenous inhabitants of the region-Armenians, exterminating them in 1989 and continuing to this day.

Baku’s plan is no longer valid.

The Republic of Western Armenia is already taking effective steps. We have repeatedly noted that based on the authorization of the residents of Shushi to President Armenak Abrahamyan, the ECHR has already started a judicial process against Baku