“At the end of last year, Hasmik Saghatelyan’s   “Ktro m Karin”  “A Piece of Karin”” project was recognized as the winner of the fourth round of the Awesome Foundation’s Javakhk project in the village of Kartsakh in Akhalkalak.

As part of the project, national costumes were created, and Hasmik also acquired a high-quality camera with which photographs will be taken of people wearing these national costumes in the commemorative sections of the Jivani House Museum.

According to jnews.ge, today all of this has become a reality, and the clothes have been sewn to resemble Karin’s costumes.

“You could say that these costumes are little pieces of Karin, Karin culture, which we have to preserve because they belong to us. If we don’t preserve our culture, no one else will do it for us,” says Hasmik.

There are six outfits available for women, men, and children, making it possible to take beautiful family and personal photos.”