The 16th session of the Mechanism of Peoples’ Experts gave rise to a historic event, that of the organization of a march of Indigenous Peoples which took place on July 18, 2023 in Geneva.
The delegations of indigenous peoples marched with their flag, dressed in their traditional indigenous dress.
The delegation of Western Armenia participated in this march which started from the Place des Nations and ended on the shores of Lake Geneva where an exhibition on Deskaheh was located.
This march was indeed part of the centenary of Deskaheh’s mission in Geneva in 1923. Deskaheh belonged to the Haudenosaunee Confederacy, historically known as the “Confederation of Six Iroquois Nations”.
This exhibition traces the journey of Deskaheh and the development of relations between the City of Geneva and the Indigenous Peoples.
The exhibition also shows how Deskaheh became a symbol of the struggle of Indigenous Peoples for their sovereignty and evokes the development of the rights of Indigenous Peoples in Geneva and of the League of Nations at the UN.
The Mayor of Geneva, Mr. Alfonso Gomez present at the venue, gave a speech and then proceeded to the opening of the opening of this event.