The reason for the destruction of the scarlet wormwood is the intensive exploitation of the salt marshes. Privatization of the land and irregular cattle grazing have led to a reduction in the number of these miraculous vermilion. In addition to humans, certain ticks, beetles, ants and birds are harmful to the worm. The technology used to obtain the vermilion dye has remained a secret, as it requires great care. Now, only specialists and connoisseurs have access to the paint technology.

One of Armenia’s 26 shrines is the Wordan Scarlet Shrine. It was established in 1987 in the Armavir region. It is located between the villages of Argavand, Arapaz and Alashkert. The aim of creating the sanctuary is to effectively organize the protection of the scarlet worm, as its numbers diminish year by year. If at the beginning of the 20th century, the area of their distribution was 10,000 ha, then in 1990 it covered only 2,000 ha. 

In this reserve, the main forage plants of scarlet wormwood, wormwood and reed, without which it would no longer exist, are also protected.