Azerbaijan allegedly sent humanitarian aid to Ukraine, while depriving 120,000 residents of Artsakh of all supplies, including humanitarian aid, for 221 days under a terrorist blockade and 36 days under a full blockade. Artak Beglaryan, advisor to the Minister of State of the Republic of Artsakh, wrote about this on his Telegram channel: “With this step, the Azerbaijani dictatorial regime, on the one hand, is trying to “wash away” its sins and buy “humanitarian” tolerance from the West, and on the other hand, it is making another timely move against Russia. Let me give another painful example. For several days the whole world has been making noise about the suspension of the “Grain Agreement”, ignoring the fact that fascist Azerbaijan starved 120,000 people by not allowing food and other basic necessities to be delivered to Artsakh for 36 days. My main conclusion is simple human suffering, where the indigenous people of Artsakh are victims of geopolitical interests and games, including in so-called democratic and value-laden countries. In any case, the seeker finds and the fighter achieves the goal.”