“Gevorg Vardanyan was born in Gyumri. At the age of 6, he moved to the Altai region of the Russian Federation. When he turned 18, he returned to Armenia for compulsory military service in the village of Talish, Martakert region. During this time, he became a hero of the April war and served as a member of Senior Lieutenant Hrach Galstyan’s platoon.

In April 2016, during combat operations in the Talish direction on the Artsakh-Azerbaijan border, Gevorg and his comrades successfully neutralized an enemy’s destructive +/ group and recaptured four positions occupied by the enemy. Tragically, Gevorg sacrificed himself while protecting his fellow soldiers from an enemy tank’s attack. On April 4, he and Hrach Galstyan were killed during clashes near the village of Talish.

In recognition of his bravery and sacrifice, Gevorg Vardanyan was posthumously awarded the “War Service” medal by the President of Artsakh and the “Courage” medal by the President of Armenia.”