“According to German MEP Martin Sonneborn, the situation in Artsakh created by the closure of the Berdzor road by Baku is disastrous and unacceptable.

In an interview with “Armenpress” correspondent in Brussels, Sonneborn said: “Although the European Parliament, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, and many governments have called on Azerbaijan to open the Berdzor road, Azerbaijan continues to tighten the blockade and does not even allow the International Committee of the Red Cross to deliver humanitarian aid. The International Court of Justice, the UN’s judicial body, has declared it legally binding that Baku must facilitate the unimpeded movement of goods and people through the Berdzor road. The European Parliament has called for sanctions against Baku government officials if they do not comply with the court ruling, while European Council President Charles Michel recently welcomed the Baku authorities’ offer to provide humanitarian aid. This is a terrible signal because Baku is once again being rewarded for its failure to comply with international law. The implementation of the binding judgment of the International Court of Justice must be a precondition for any EU-Azerbaijan cooperation.”