As a result of the closure of the Hakari bridge on the Artsakh-Armenia border by the Baku authorities, the residents of the villages of Yeghtsakhogh, Hin Sen, Mets Sen and Lisagor in the Shushi region found themselves in a complete blockade, deprived of the possibility of reaching the capital Stepanakert or the city of Goris. Until April 23, when the checkpoint was set up, villagers were able to bring the supplies and food they needed from the capital or Goris, but now villagers survive on Red Cross or government assistance.

According to Davit Davtyan, the head of Mets Sen village, the situation in the villages is slightly better than in the capital Stepanakert, as villagers can use the fruits and vegetables they grow, but the situation is critical in terms of medicine and fuel.

According to the village headman, cars are no longer used in the village because of the lack of fuel: “People walk to their distant fields, distant gardens. We don’t have fuel for equipment, so we can’t mow the lawns, the big fields have dried up.”