“While the 120,000-strong population of Artsakh is being subjected to genocide by the dictatorial regime of Azerbaijan, under siege for almost 8 months and deprived of medical care and other basic needs solely because they are Armenians, a few kilometers away Ilham Aliyev is holding a program called “Shusha Global Media Forum”. The level of I․Aliyev’s cynicism about holding a forum dedicated to the defense of journalistic or, for example, human rights in Azerbaijan is no longer surprising; recently it was even revealed that there are “defenders of nature” in this country.

However, it puzzles us that just a few kilometers away from starving Armenian children, the event organized by their executioners is attended by Tinatin Berdzenishvili, General Director of the Georgian Public TV Channel (which is financed by taxes paid by Georgian citizens, including about 180,000 Armenians) and Ramila Aliyeva, head of the Armenian language department of the same TV channel. Taking into account that the Georgian authorities have always acted from a neutral position in the relations between Armenia and Azerbaijan, often trying to mediate peace in the region, the participation of the mentioned officials in the event held in Shushi is worrying.

Earlier we stated that R.Aliyeva’s stay as the Head of the Armenian and Azerbaijani Languages Department of the Public TV Channel would hinder the objective and impartial activity of the Department, but the TV channel’s management did not take effective steps in this direction”.