Gor Abazyian was born on April 29, 2001 in the village of Lernapat in the Lori RA region. In 2019, he joined the service in Jrakan, acquiring the trade of scout and then also machine gunner. Gor Abazyan’s sister, Goharik Abazyan, recounts:

“Gor called us on the morning of September 27, he said: I called to hear your voices, I may not be able to call, a fight has started here, I’ll call as soon as I fit in. The last call was on October 2, my brother was very worriedմ the enemy had blown up the Jrakan military unit, and there were 400 conscripts inside. 

He also asked me to call the classmate’s parents, to see if they had any news of the boy, as the classmate was from that damned military unit. Gor fought on the front line from the very first day of the war, and we haven’t heard from him since October 2. After 40 days without news, the body was handed over to us for forensic examination (DNA) on November 21, but according to our information, he died on October 4.”

Gor Arshaluys Abazyan died on October 4, without leaving the fighting position and his comrades-in-arms.