A forest fire broke out in the areas surrounding the village of Kabasakal in the Dulkadiroglu district of Marash province. A large number of firefighters and vehicles arrived on the scene to extinguish the blaze. To date, around 30 ha of forest area has been damaged. Fire extinguishing work is continuing both by air and land, but wind is contributing to the fire’s strongest spread.

Due to the fire threatening homes, firefighters have evacuated several people.

A 5.5-magnitude earthquake was recorded in the Sis region of Cilicia.

The earthquake occurred on the morning of June 25, at around 08:44.

Underground tremors were recorded at a depth of 11.27 km. The earthquake was also felt in the neighboring regions of Sis.

According to the people of Cilicia, work is in progress. According to preliminary reports, there were no casualties, but several cattle pens and a half-destroyed building were damaged, and cracks appeared in some workplaces.

The tremors caused panic among the population. People took to the streets in alarm.

Residents of Cilicia reported that, as a result of the panic, two local residents left their building. Around 3 aftershocks were recorded over the next hour.