Members of the Armenian Affairs Committee of the US Congress have issued a statement, calling Baku’s blockade ethnic cleansing of Artsakh and calling on the international community to “take immediate action in response to the Aliyev regime’s months-long blockade of the Berdzor road”.

“The international community has stood idly by for too long as this crisis has escalated to a critical point where tens of thousands of lives are now at risk. Meanwhile, President Aliyev has suffered no consequences for his brutal campaign to forcibly expel Armenians living in Artsakh from their historic lands. This is the definition of ethnic cleansing. 

The international community must use every diplomatic tool available to end the blockade, reopen this vital lifeline and avert a catastrophic humanitarian crisis. We call on the Biden administration to act immediately and help bring a peaceful end to this premeditated and calculated crisis. Azerbaijani forces continue to persecute, arrest and kill people in Armenia and Artsakh, while falsely claiming Armenian territory as their own,” the statement said.