Knowledge is the means to rid ourselves of darkness, of ignorance.

The search for truth, the understanding of true reality, has been one of the problems of human cognition since ancient times.

These perceptions shape the worldview of every person, every nation. “Learn wisdom and wisdom forever,

And distinguish the true from the false” (Bank Krmats).

Our Ancestors remind us of the importance of “distinguishing the true from the false” by Matean, Kurm Mihr Haykazoun.

According to Plato, the role of an enlightened person, a philosopher, a lover of reason, is to return to society and educate – to enlighten others.

However, it is not easy for an individual who has attained high consciousness to make his ideas perceptible to those in darkness (like those locked in a cave) and present them with the new truth. For, unaware of the existence of a truly better life, those chained in the cave prefer their chains of darkness, of ignorance, unwilling to break free.

What’s more, a wise man who can’t see well in the darkness of a dark cave after the extravagant light of the sun is considered “blind”…

“We have one vow: always to the Light,

And we continue on our way”… (H. Tumanyan)

So, “come out of the cave”…