Tigran Petrosyan, head of the Anti-Crisis Council under the Artsakh presidency, made some important statements.

Baku is trying to force us to agree to a meeting in Baku or Evlakh. We all know very well what will happen there: there will certainly be no negotiations. 

In this context, the EU and the USA are trying to organize a meeting in a third country. Firstly, the meeting was due to take place on August 1 in Sofia between non-governmental organizations. Russia, aware of this, decided to intervene and organized a meeting of foreign ministers in Moscow on July 25, after which Lavrov referred to us as a national minority, which was unacceptable and shows that Russia’s real policy has changed, and on August 1 in Bratislava, the meeting between Stepanakert and Baku was to take place with US mediation. 

But yesterday, Azerbaijan refused the meeting without giving any reason. The mediators’ representatives will arrive in Yerevan the day after tomorrow, there will be discussions, and I will present the West’s proposals. Moscow is proposing to go to Yevlakh, and against the backdrop of the kidnapping of members of the national liberation movement, Moscow’s proposal looks like a parody. We are now waiting for the West’s proposals, and then we will decide everything. 

The government of Western Armenia is well aware of what the West has promised. Israel Ori still believed in the intervention of foreign powers, which was a lesson neither for the Berlin Congress nor for the Armenian delegates in Lausanne, such as the people of Artsakh, should speak from the point of view of the owner, not the claimant. 

The Armenian people originate from the entire Armenian highlands and should not forget this. Our strength, which gives rise to rights, is our origin and the state of Western Armenia, recognized by more than twenty-five states that are now members of the UN. We must never forget this, because we stand firmly on this land, and as President Armenag Aprahamian mentioned recently, one of our legs is our autochthony, and the other is the state.