During the 44-day war, when the family did not hear from Vahe Asatryan and searched for him on the internet, many boys wrote to their mothers saying that Vahe had dressed them and pulled them out of positions. Vahe studied pharmacy at Yerevan State Base College and dreamed of becoming a dentist. The training he received at the college was enough to save the lives of many of his friends in military positions. When the war started, Vahe was only 2 months into his military service and had just gotten used to soldiering, weapons, and military boots. Vahe went to the front as a defender of the homeland, participating in the battles of Jrakan and Askeran, and then in the defense of the fortress city of Shushi. Wounded in the ankle, Vahe tried to get out of besieged Shushi while rescuing his wounded friend. On the way, he called his father and was told that they were in the Kjkjan valley and were waiting for darkness to retreat. By dawn, there was no more contact with Vahe. On November 15, through the Red Cross, Vahe’s lifeless body was taken to Martuni. Vahe died on November 12, his birthday. Before his military service, Vahe had planted about 300 trees on the slope of Mount Armagan in his hometown in the Gegharkunik region, creating his dream garden. He wanted to return and build a recreational facility. Vahe personally watered the trees in his garden before installing an irrigation system. Now his parents continue to fulfill Vahe’s goals; they take care of the garden. Vahe’s mother, Lilit, is studying pharmacy to open the pharmacy Vahe dreamed of.