Azerbaijan deliberately caused mental suffering to mothers, sisters and other family members of Armenian servicemen.

The Center for Law and Justice Foundation “Armen Tatoyan” has presented a new report with facts.

During the 44-day war in 2020 and from September 13 to 14, 2022, the Azerbaijani armed forces unleashed by Azerbaijan against Armenia and Artsakh committed numerous war crimes, including the torture of prisoners of war and civilians, and extrajudicial executions. 

At the root of these crimes is the continuing fascist policy of Armenian hatred and enmity pursued by the government of this country. Azerbaijan still fails to return Armenian POWs and civilians with artificial criminal prosecutions and fabricated judicial acts. 

On “Facebook”, “Twitter”, “TikTok” and other social networks, Azerbaijani user accounts, targeting the Armenian public, have distributed and sent directly to families photos of their families’ servicemen who have been killed and tortured.

In this way, the Azerbaijani government is deliberately causing mental suffering to Armenian families in both Artsakh and Armenia. This report examines and provides a legal assessment of these criminal acts by Azerbaijan. Studies confirm that the crimes mentioned are encouraged by the Azerbaijani authorities. They are intended to cause severe psychological suffering to families and to maintain tension in Armenian society.