This year’s 21st Munzur Nature and Culture Festival, under the slogan “We protect nature and life from mining plunder”, will take place from August 3 to 6 in Dersim. The governorate of Dersim has ordered the festival’s organizing committee to ban performances by a number of musical groups, including the Armenian ethnographic ensemble “Retour”.

Dersim Hay Platform responded to the governor’s decision and issued a statement on the occasion. “It is with great pain and concern that we have learned that the governorate of Dersim has banned the performance of the Armenian ethnographic group “Retour” at the 21st “Munzur Culture and Nature” festival. 

This decision casts a shadow over our cultural wealth and our efforts to build bridges between peoples. As a Dersim Hay platform organization, we oppose all kinds of discrimination and prejudice and help people to freely express their cultural identity. Interaction built on mutual understanding and respect between cultures forms a strong bond of solidarity and brotherhood between societies. 

Cultural diversity is part of humanity’s heritage, and is further enriched by the interaction of different cultures. Consequently, the inclusion of artists and groups representing different cultures in an event as important as the Munzur Festival is a step that strengthens social integration. Let’s support the participation of the ethnographic group “Retour” in the Munzur Festival and unite for a future full of tolerance and love.”