The inhabitants of the village of Noragyugh in the Askeran region of the Republic of Artsakh are making great efforts to overcome to some extent the problems caused by the blockade.

In a conversation with “Artsakhpress” correspondent, Vladimir Petrosyan, head of the village of Noragyugh said that due to the lack of fuel, they were able to complete the barley and wheat harvest with great difficulty. 

However, I must mention that, compared with the previous year, the number of greenhouses in the village has doubled, and a large volume of vegetable crops has been sown. It’s fortunate that the harvest was not affected by hail and meets the demands of the inhabitants, moreover, they are sold”, detailed V. Petrosyan. 

According to the mayor, these days, with the support of the regional administration, the village is trying to solve the problem of bread shortage. They plan to obtain flour from the wheat they have and each family will bake bread at home. The village is trying to make do with existing stocks of meat. Due to the lack of fuel, there are also problems bringing haystacks from the pastures to the village. The kindergarten continues to operate on a shoestring. The inhabitants don’t want to lose hope that when the Berdzor corridor is opened, we will be able to move around freely and the food problem will be solved,” said the village chief of Noragyugh.