Hamshen’s Armenian intellectuals, in particular the editorial staff of the “Gor” magazine and the leaders of the “Hatik” trade union, continue to organize remarkable events, as reported by Akunq.net.

According to the source, in August this year they decided to organize a series of events in the Ardvin province’s Hopa and Kemal pasha provinces, which are heavily populated by Hamshen Armenians.

As part of the series of cultural events entitled “Make Mezi” (“We are our own”), concerts will be held near the Makriyal church near Kemal pasha province and in the town of Hopa. The rock band “Meluses” will perform commemorative songs.

The series of scientific and cultural events open to the public also includes seminars and lectures on the themes of Hamshen and the Armenians of Hamshen. Speakers include the renowned Armenian Hamshen director Ozjan Alper, one of the leaders of the “Hatik” trade union, Hikmet Akchichek, and the author of books on the Hamshen Armenians, Mahir Ozkan.