Gevorg Javakhyan’s message posted on the social network a day before he went into service surprised everyone after his death. “I don’t want to share my plans, all I can say is that soon you will hear my name louder.” That’s how his name sounds today, loud and clear, after heroically immortalizing himself for the homeland.

“Gevorg was a real tanker,” as commanders describe him. Although he always wanted to become a communications officer, he began his service in the Armavir military training unit as a tanker and continued in the Khojalu military tank unit. Both at school and in the military unit at a young age, everyone was delighted with his bright image.

“Because of his difficulties in expressing himself, Gevorg used to put his whole sensual inner world on paper and draw pictures in black and white. He was very close to art and in addition to painting, he was also involved in music, he was one of the first members of the beatbox federation in Armenia. It was thanks to beatboxing that he was then invited to star in one of the youth series, from which he began his acting career”, says his sister, Seda.

The blue-eyed, gray-haired Gevorg had already become a crowd favorite by the age of 19; they couldn’t walk quietly with Gevorg in the street, everyone knew each other, approached, talked and took photos.

During the service, before the 44-day war, in 2020, he was already on the front line during the incidents in Tavush, and afterwards he only told the family. 

Throughout the 44-day war, he didn’t tell his family to which part of Artsakh he had been transferred. On October 23, Gevorg was transferred to Karmir Shuka. After that, she called her sister’s husband and told him, “If anything happens to me, you’ll take good care of my sister and my roommates.”

Seda says that once when talking to her brother, he said he prayed for him every day, but Gevorg corrected him that he should pray not only for him, but for all the soldiers.

During the war, Gevorg destroyed an enemy tank and hit several types of armored vehicle. However, on October 24, an enemy drone spotted Gevorg’s tank and hit it, seriously wounding him. Gevorg remained unconscious in hospital for several days. On October 28, Gevorg Javakhyan became immortal and, as he had intended, made his name loud and clear for all to hear.