Representatives of the Armenian community in the Czech Republic have sent an open letter to the country’s leaders, excerpts of which we present below.

“The people of Artsakh are victims of the political plans of Baku and its number one ally, Turkey. The policy of forcing an entire nation to leave its territory is once again being implemented, which is comparable to genocide and clearly contradicts the United Nations Charter and the Declaration of Helsinki.

Despite this, double standards threaten European democracy, as Europe remains a victim of its energy dependence on Azerbaijan. On the one hand, dependence on Russian gas is criticized; on the other, dependence on the gas or oil of the dictator Aliyev is encouraged.

We call on the Czech Republic, guided by democratic and humanitarian values, to react as quickly as possible and ask the Baku government to prevent the humanitarian catastrophe and forced displacement of 120,000 civilians from Artsakh from continuing, and to open the road linking Goris to Artsakh. Otherwise, the citizens of Artsakh, the ethnic Armenians, will be subjected to another genocide.”

The letter was also sent to the Czech media.