The International Committee of the Red Cross is unable to carry out its humanitarian mission in Artsakh, and starving the civilian population is a war crime that must not go unpunished. 

These statements were made at the UN Security Council, where diplomats from dozens of countries met late on August 3, at Washington’s initiative, to discuss ways of preventing hunger and ensuring security in war situations.

Representatives from a number of countries, including Switzerland and France, while speaking of “hunger, deprivation and suffering due to Moscow’s policies”, also recalled the eight-month humanitarian crisis in Artsakh, caused by Baku’s blocking of the Berdzor road. In addition to eliminating the challenges facing the planet, the diplomats also urged that supplies to Artsakh and the right to free movement for the people living there be ensured.

“We are faced with a situation where mothers can’t find food for their children, others can’t find medicine for seriously ill relatives,” said Vahe Gevorgyan, Deputy Foreign Minister of the Republic of Armenia, who took part in the meeting, along with foreign colleagues.