Vardan Sargsyan, the representative of the working group set up within the Armenian government to manage the humanitarian crisis in Artsakh, does not consider the Azerbaijani side’s responses to the Armenian government’s initiative to send humanitarian aid to Artsakh to be constructive.

In a conversation with “Armenpress”, Vardan Sargsyan mentioned that there are often attempts to make this initiative a subject of various speculations, while representatives of international organizations visiting Kornidzor assure that the road to Berdzor has been blocked by Baku.

 “The convoy full of humanitarian goods continues to stay in the same place where it was parked eleven days ago. As mentioned from the outset, our objective is the implementation of this purely humanitarian initiative, in which we continue to take action. The main action of the last 11 days is that there is a growing interest and resonance towards the initiative, both internationally and among our public.

This is evidenced by the visits of representatives of the diplomatic corps and international organizations to the Kornidzor region, as well as the statements made by state courts and parliamentarians from various countries, in which a clear and focused appeal is made to Baku to open the blocked road to Berdzor,” said Sargsyan.

According to him, visitors to the Kornidzor region are really seeing what’s going on and getting reliable information about the humanitarian crisis in Artsakh, which is worsening by the hour. “There’s also a lot of interest from the international media. “Many journalists from different countries have visited the region in recent days and confirmed with their own eyes that right now access for humanitarian goods to Artsakh is being obstructed by Baku,” said Sargsyan. Referring to the destructive measures of the Azerbaijani side, in particular the cases of kidnapping of two Artsakh residents, the RA government representative stressed that these measures certainly cannot contribute to the resolution of the situation and the implementation of the humanitarian initiative.

“In particular, the case of the citizen transported to Armenia by the International Committee of the Red Cross shows Baku’s attitude towards resolving humanitarian issues, as depriving a citizen of the right to receive medical aid is a flagrant violation. 

We hope that the international community’s growing attention to the Armenian government’s humanitarian initiative and awareness of the situation, whether in the form of appeals or clear action, will make a real contribution to lifting the blockade of the Lachin corridor and transferring humanitarian aid goods to Artsakh,” concluded Sargsyan.

The government of Western Armenia recalls that since the declaration by the Yerevan authorities that Artsakh is an integral part of Azerbaijan, the days of the Armenian people of Artsakh are numbered. This declaration, which has no legal substance, has served to reinforce the political positions of the criminal authorities in Baku. But the worst is yet to come, as the stranglehold and hostage-taking of the Armenian people of Artsakh is intended to haggle over a future border demarcation at the expense of the entire Armenian nation. The future of the entire region is in the hands of the Artsakh Armenian resistance.