Genocide Watch, the Lemkin Institute for Genocide Prevention, the Save Artsakh coalition, former International Criminal Court prosecutor Luis Moreno Ocampo, as well as various Armenian organizations have been warning about the genocide taking place in Artsakh since 2022.

Genocide Watch notes that forced displacement and genocide in Artsakh are “the culmination of years of conflict.”

The article presents the consequences of Baku’s large-scale attack on Artsakh on September 19, 2023 and civilian casualties.

Baku purposefully shelled cities.

This is a war crime (ICC Statute, Article 8, 2b(i)) – writes Genocide Watch, noting that during the attack in Sarnaghbyur, 5 civilians were killed, including three children, two children were missing, and two children were injured.

Genocide Watch concludes: “Forced displacement is a crime against humanity (ICC Statute, Article 7, (1d)”).

The organization notes that Azerbaijani propaganda “dehumanizes Armenians”, Baku erases the ancient history of Armenia, destroys Armenian Christian churches and shrines.

Despite the fact that the Baku leader stated that the rights of Armenians in Baku will be preserved, in fact, the Azerbaijani military is distributing video footage of them killing Armenians on social networks, therefore, Genocide Watch notes, Armenians cannot be safe in Baku.

Baku forces are detaining evacuees, Ruben Vardanyan, one of the former leaders of Artsakh, has been arrested.”

Genocide Watch also emphasizes that Europe, as in 1915, has failed to take action to end the Armenian Genocide.