Russia’s failure to ensure peace and security in Artsakh is a “betrayal” of the Armenian people, European Council President Charles Michel told Euronews.

“It is obvious to everyone that Russia has betrayed the Armenian people,” Charles Michel said.

The Council of Europe president criticized Russian peacekeeping forces stationed in Artsakh for withdrawing when Baku began its military operations. “Russia wanted to have soldiers on the ground to guarantee peace and security. But we see that the military operation began without the slightest reaction from the Russian peacekeeping forces present in the region. On the other hand, , the European Union had no forces or military presence on the ground,” he added.

European Council President Charles Michel responding to criticism that the EU was not calling Baku an aggressor and ignoring Armenia’s demands amid Azerbaijan’s massive attack on Artsakh in September , declared that he did not accept these criticisms: “European mediation, carried out by others, the United States in parallel, made it possible to move forward, for example on prisoner exchanges, and to better understand how to improve connectivity of this region to ensure better stability in the future. We have also made progress on texts aimed at guaranteeing a future peace agreement between Armenia and Baku. That said, I am also extremely disappointed with the decision taken by Baku, and I expressed this very firmly to President Aliyev.”

“We are committed to supporting Armenia, which is hosting a large number of refugees from their native region of Artsakh. We must also engage at the political and diplomatic levels to ensure a very clear reaffirmation of respect for territorial integrity of Armenia. We will not surrender,” he confirmed.

The government of Western Armenia recalls that the EU, by not defending the territorial integrity of Armenia in 1920, disavows a significant part of member states which recognized the Republic of Armenia and its territories in 1920, themselves signatories of the Treaty of Sèvres following the Armenian genocide. Blowing a veil over international law and throwing the Armenians of Artsakh out to pasture. So, after that, wanting to teach Russia lessons remains suspect.