At the moment, the indigenous people of Artsakh (known in the West as Nagorno-Karabakh), who have been Armenians for more than 8,000 years, are forced to leave their lands, homes, neighborhoods, institutions, trying to escape death as a result of the genocide unleashed by Azerbaijan, desperately seeking refuge in The Republic of Armenia and beyond. This happens under the gaze of the “civilized” world, which, like a spectator during a show, watches how a sovereign and indigenous people are subjugated by brute force with the connivance of the great geopolitical powers, which, for the sake of petty interests of money and power, remain inactive, betraying the immutable principles and values that define us as a people. For the sake of money and geopolitical positioning, these important countries, considering themselves virtuous and powerful, leading the world under the banner of brotherhood, making meaningful and majestic speeches, quickly placing themselves on the side of good, have already betrayed the Armenian people in the first years of the twenties of the last century, supporting such a warlike, defeated and barbaric enemy as Turkey to our detriment, despite the fact that more than 500,000 fallen who fought side by side with us collaborated with Armenia. They did this in the 1990s , when they deliberately ignored the Armenian state, which they recognized in 1920, in order to create a new Armenian state called the Republic of Armenia, dividing the Armenian people into two states. Again, when they slept for 30 years, the just demands of the Armenian people of Artsakh were frozen, despite the fact that the courageous people of Artsakh resisted and won the war imposed on them by Azerbaijan to illegally appropriate their territory. In 2020, they allowed Azerbaijan and Turkey to commit all kinds of war crimes against the civilian population of Artsakh for 44 days so that Azerbaijan would capture 85% of the sovereign Armenian territory. At the end of last year, they played the fool with the blockade of the Lachin corridor, which was closed for 10 months, although they could have opened it in a matter of minutes. Now that the dictator leading Azerbaijan has ordered the shelling of Armenian cities with heavy artillery, using the latest technology, with aiming to appropriate the remaining 15 percent, they prefer to watch the catastrophe of our people without lifting a finger, counting money and speculating at the expense of the dignity of men, women, old people and children who call them complicit in this barbarity. They were on the verge of allowing a new genocide would have physically destroyed all the inhabitants (as happened in 1915) if the people of Artsakh had not decided to leave in order to survive, and this destruction could very well happen while the “civilized” world continues to play “I didn’t do it” and allows Aliyev to do whatever he wants. What is the difference between those who usurp the land and demand an undignified, unjust and horrific mass exodus from the original inhabitants, and those who could stop it and do justice, but watch this incredible ethnic cleansing while watching TV and on telephones in the middle of the 21st century? No way. You, the great powers of the world, bear joint responsibility for what you allow Azerbaijan to do now, as you have always allowed Turkey to do. I urge everyone who speaks or writes about the courageous people of Artsakh, stop mentioning the historical lies put forward about Artsakh belonging to the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan. Artsakh has never been part of Azerbaijan. Never. There are countless historical, documentary and legal evidence of this, starting with documents drawn up at the League of Nations in December 1920 and ending with the considerations of US President Woodrow Wilson when making an international arbitration decision that determined the legal boundaries between Armenia and Turkey and documents of the authorities of the Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic, directly recognized that Artsakh is not part of Azerbaijan and that Artsakh has always belonged to Armenia. The historical lie is based solely on the decree signed in 1921 by Joseph Stalin, which in order to pseudo-destruct strong nationalisms such as the Armenian one and impose economic, political and social doctrine , allowing him to do arbitrariness, transferred control of two historical Armenian regions to the Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic. We are talking about Nakhichevan and Artsakh. The administration imposed from the USSR Central Committee ensured that the Azerbaijanis carried out ethnic cleansing in Nakhichevan, massively killed the original, indigenous and thousand-year-old Armenian inhabitants, forced those who managed to survive to flee, and, in addition, carefully destroyed all the thousand-year-old Armenian cultural remnants of our beloved region.

In Artsakh they could not do this because the more hardened people fought the administration and it was never able to gain a foothold, for the Armenian people of Artsakh could never be defeated, even now, after the civilian population was bombed again, despite the forced retreat to ensure their survival. At the end of Sovietization, the selfishness and renegadeism of the Soviet Armenian leadership, as good children of the regime, pragmatically and in order to remain in power, decided on independence only for themselves and those 29 thousand square meters. km that he had to manage. At the same time, they turned away from all their Armenian brothers and sisters, scattered to the four corners of the world thanks to the genocide to which our ancestors were subjected, and also refused to defend the rights of the Armenian state, recognized in 1920, of which they were a part, even while Soviet.International recognition in 1991, the new Armenian state, which did not include in its territory either Artsakh or the population of Western Armenia, which was and is (to this day) part of the Armenian state recognized in 1920, predetermined the political and legal fate of Artsakh (like Nakhichevan, of course), whose people had no choice but to try to get the world to recognize them as an independent republic, and there the historical lie of Azerbaijan began to circulate and take shape, trying to appropriate land that never belonged to it. Also at the expense of Azerbaijani petrodollars historians and journalists began to call the original, thousand-year-old Armenians inhabiting the land that belongs to the Armenian state, recognized in 1920, “separatists”, and this term gave and continues to give legitimacy to Azerbaijan’s attempts to illegally appropriate territory that has always been alien to it. Because geopolitically the world is smiling Azerbaijan for its gas, oil and for being an ally of the West against Iran and other targets in the region, the Aliyev clan is confident that no country in the world recognizes the Republic of Artsakh, and knows that it has freedom of action, it can do and say whatever he pleases, And so it goes, knowing that it will not be refuted by the world, with isolated exceptions of worthy people who respect permanent and intangible principles and values, who occasionally have the courage to refute these false fabrications, being vilified by the Turkish and Azerbaijani diplomacy operating in tandem. Azerbaijan is a country without history, with inaccurate registration only in 1918, but they lie to the whole world with impunity that they come from the areas they rule, while they are Tatars originating from Central Asia. Artsakh was the tenth province of the ancient kingdom of Armenia during the era of Tigranes the Great, the Armenian king of kings, who ruled all of Mesopotamia and was an ally of imperial Rome in 95-55. BC. The entire territory of Nagorno-Karabakh has always been part of the Armenian people, and legally Artsakh is a province of the internationally recognized Armenian state of 1920, a state that is fully operational today and which today has legal continuity thanks to the constitution of the Republic of Western Armenia, which was created in 2004 and completed in 2011. The Republic of Western Armenia, as a successor state of a state recognized as a subject of international law, opposes these false statements of Azerbaijan and Turkey at the UN, declaring the voice of the indigenous Armenian inhabitants, defending their right to self-determination and demanding the return of our lands usurped by these states at the UN Human Rights Council located in Geneva. But the “civilized” world, which should have accused Turkey of committing the first genocide of the 20th century against the Armenian people and which should have sided with the Armenian people in order to restore the Republic of Western Armenia to its thousand-year-old and ancestral lands with more than 8,000 years of history, today, unfortunately, is complicit in the dictatorship of Aliyev and Erdogan at the expense of a humble and courageous people who are devastated by this complicity. We, Armenians, will never stop demanding justice and achieving what is ours by right, for each of our thousand-year-old provinces, recognized by international law as Armenian and usurped by Turkey and Azerbaijan. Today everyone seems to be celebrating the sad and regrettable mass exodus of a sovereign and courageous people who are forced to defile themselves in order to survive. But we warn Azerbaijan, Turkey and geopolitical forces that in history such short-term victories are not the rule, but the exception. We Armenians, according to Dostoevsky, are still a humiliated and insulted people, but we no longer play the role of a victim. At any moment, patriots may emerge from the people who will correct the situation, as has already happened in history, and as a historical precedent, I cite the righteous actions of Operation Nemesis, to which a monument was recently erected in Yerevan. Artsakh, Nakhichevan and all our Western Armenian lands must be liberated and returned to Armenia. Stop lying. Artsakh was not and is not part of the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan. Artsakh is Armenia. And although he, like all Armenians, who are in the so-called Armenian diaspora as a result of the Turkish genocide against our people, was legally outside the Republic of Armenia, today Artsakh legally belongs to the Republic of Western Armenia, and its people will return to their lands along with all the Armenians of the world demanding justice.

Buenos Aires, September 30, 2023