“Not exactly as it is described, there are many inaccuracies, many errors in this material. There really were certain contacts on Artsakh.”

At the same time, Peskov emphasized: “But these are not the negotiations that are written about there.”

The official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, also stated that representatives of the EU, the United States and the Russian Federation met in Turkey to discuss the situation in Artsakh, but there was nothing secret about the fact of these contacts.

“I don’t know about secret ones: the United States and the EU approached us, proactively. They asked to hold a meeting, I would even say, to hold some contacts.

The purpose of the meeting was outlined and during the meeting the parties exchanged points of view on the situation. That’s all “.

Politico reported that representatives of the European Union, the United States and Russia held secret talks in Istanbul on September 17 as part of efforts to pressure Baku to end a nine-month blockade of the enclave and allow humanitarian aid convoys from Armenia to pass through.

The Russians did not need to unblock the corridor that could lead to international entry into Artsakh; the corridor should have acted unilaterally with the aim of deporting the indigenous majority.