The Azerbaijani military bandaged Davit, who was wounded in the shoulder, showing to the world that they are humane towards the wounded soldier. There was hope that he would be handed over to Armenia through the mediation of the Red Cross. However, Baku showed its sadistic, fascist, misanthropic nature. Davit Gishyan was born on September 24, 2002 in Yerevan.

Davit was drafted into the army in July 2021. He served in one of the military units of Etchmiadzin, then he was transferred to Kapan. He would have turned 20 on September 24. Relatives say that Davit and his fellow soldiers were returning from combat, Davit noticed that his fellow soldier, who was by his side during the battle, was gone, after making sure that he was not with them. went to look for him. After that, Davit was shot in the shoulder and captured. Until now, there is no information about the soldier whom Davit Gishyan followed.

After hearing the news of his nephew’s death, Gayane Gishyan immediately came to Armenia from Russia.

“When I heard that Davit was captured, I fell into hysterics, there was another such incident in our family. In 1991, my uncle was captured from the Voskepar area, after a few days he was returned dead. This time, they told me that there is no such thing as someone whose face is being photographed is returned to him. We will apply to the European Court. “Azerbaijan is an unjust and disgusting state,” says the aunt.

Davit was originally from Noyemberyan, he spent his summers there, in the mountains, near his grandparents.

“From the age of two, David used to come to the mountains with me until he got cold. He was a very playful boy, active, whoever came was a joy for a mountain child. He organized it, they went to the forest, brought grass, lit a bonfire in the evening,” says grandmother Sonya.

“Growing up in the mountains means growing up as a normal person. There is no particular need for upbringing, nature makes you like that: kind, honest, like David was,” says the aunt.

Davit was the youngest son of the family, he has one sister. After finishing school, he was admitted to the tourism department of Brusov State University and was immediately drafted into the army.

“David was tall, had beautiful eyes. Kapanit called and said, “Do you know, grandmother, where I am? We were going up the mountain, there was a forest above the cross, I am in that forest,” recalls the grandmother.