German Chancellor Olaf Scholz had a telephone conversation with Ilham Aliyev, during which he stated that he is against the use of military force. Christiane Hoffmann, representative of the German Cabinet of Ministers, informed journalists about this, writes TASS.

“Today, Chancellor Scholz had a phone conversation with Ilham Aliyev. The chancellor expressed his opposition to the use of military force,” said Hoffman. “Scholz emphasized that the German government is firmly committed to the negotiated settlement of the situation and the establishment of stable peace between Azerbaijan and Armenia, which is based on the principle of territorial integrity of Armenia and Azerbaijan,” he added. According to Hoffmann, the efforts of the President of the European Council, Charles Michel, have the full support of the federal government.

“The chancellor emphasized the importance of maximum possible transparency regarding the situation in Artsakh and its development,” the representative of the German Cabinet of Ministers stated.