On October 5, the 30th Zoom meeting organized by the Electoral Commission of the National Assembly of Western Armenia took place. The topic of the meeting was “The situation in Western Armenia/Artsakh”. During the Zoom meeting, the President of Western Armenia, Armenak Abrahamyan, presented the details and consequences of the tragic events that took place in Artsakh, the province of Western Armenia, as a result of Baku’s repeated aggression.

President Armenak Abrahamyan made a comparison between 1920 and 2023.

The President emphasized that he considered the decision signed by Mr. Samvel Shahramanyan, which does not comply with the National Constitution of the Republic of Western Armenia, to be annulled and invalid.

Armenak Abrahamyan reminded that the partial or complete occupation by military force of the Baku authorities of Artsakh province, which was an inseparable part of the state of Armenia recognized in 1920, including the demarcation and demarcation of its border with Azerbaijan, should have been carried out through negotiations in accordance with Article 92 of the Treaty of Sevres. of the th article.

During the Zoom meeting, there was also a question-and-answer session. President Armenak Abrahamyan answered the questions of the candidates for the parliamentary elections in Western Armenia.

Summarizing the meeting, Armenak Abrahamyan mentioned that he will continue to protect the rights of Artsakh Armenians.