Iran and Baku intend to build bridges across the Araks River, Azerbaijani media report. Today in Kovsakan the inauguration ceremony of the automobile bridge and border customs infrastructure took place. Iranian Minister of Roads and Urban Development Mehrdad Bazrpash and Deputy Prime Minister of Baku Shahin Mustafayev took part in the ceremony. Representatives of the respective departments of the two countries informed Bazrpash and Mustafaev about the plans for cleaning the river bed, as well as the construction of another bridge that will connect the Iranian territory with Nakhchivan.

We can conclude that Iran slowly and systematically focused on the theme of the “Zangezur Corridor” and forced the land route connecting Baku and Nakhichevan to pass through Iranian territory. It’s the railway’s turn. Recall that Iran made this offer in 2021. Highway, railway, communications. And this offer was not rejected by Baku. It’s another dimension here, it’s one thing to connect Nakhichevan to Baku, it’s another to connect Ankara to Moscow… The use of the territory of Eastern Armenia is beneficial, first of all for Turkey and Russia, and certainly for Meghri. There is a Baku-Turkey connection via Georgia, if Igdir-Nakhijevan is the railway, even if it is long, the railway connection with the Nakhijevan will also be an alternative to the connection with Iran and the region will achieve a balance without each violating the interests of others, not at the expense of the sovereignty of Eastern Armenia and without the political participation of the Russian Federation.